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Independent agencies struggling to compete in an increasingly competitive talent pool. Whether youre hiring a new producer straight out of college or one with years of industry experience, how can you make sure your investment pays off?  Read More


Measles and the role of the P&C insurance industry

According to the CDC, 555 individual cases of measles are confirmed in 20 states. The effects of an outbreak impact more than public health. The P&C insurance, travel and tourism industries along with professional sports and entertainment could all be adversely affected if the resurgence of measles cannot be contained. Learn More


Trusted Choice Expands Distracted Driving Campaign

Every year, hundreds of people are injured or killed in accidents involving some form of distracted driving. To honor the annual awareness initiative, Trusted Choice created a Distracted Driving Campaign full of digital elements that can help YOU  raise awareness about this issue. There is a  new video and magazine content pieces that discuss the dangers of driving while smoking or eating, as well as driving while adjusting the radio.  Utilize this FREE ember benefit to enhance your agency's presence with your customers and prospects! Find Resources


Can You Laugh Your Way to More Sales?

Insurance is serious business. But its also a business based on taking care of people, of being human. You can share all the statistics and history of your firm that you want, but ultimately, clients choose to work with people they like. So don't be afraid to use humor to help your agency connect more with your insureds and prospects.  Read More


Do Your Job: Why Staying in Your Lane Is Important in an Insurance Agency

For many insurance agencies and small businesses, people from time to time are called in to wear many hats. However, sometimes we can linger a bit too long in areas that we should'nt. What we think is helpful can hurt us in the long run.  See More


The rise of reputational risk

In 2015, a data breach at Anthem exposed personal information of 78.8 million current and former customers. In 2016, a data breach at Uber exposed personal information of 57 million users and 600,000 drivers. In 2017, a data breach at Equifax exposed personal information of 148 million users. In each of these and many other cases, the companys reputation was severely damaged. While the introduction of high-speed information technology has been a boon to companies, it has also exposed them to the risk of large data breaches.  Learn More

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Bismarck, ND | June 12 - 13, 2019
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ACT Conference

Cincinnati, OH | May 20-21, 2019



Bismarck, ND | September 18-19, 2019.
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Reducing E&O in Placement of Crop Exposures Webinar                        

This one-hour class is designed to help You:
  • Understand the areas that can create E&O exposure with the placement of crop insurance.
  • Learn dates and forms that are important when placing coverage, including risk management tips.
  • Avoid potential E&O claims by using a crop risk management checklist.

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